We provide self-defense training for women of all ages. Our instructors are Law Enforcement, Military, Martial Arts, Firearms, Less than lethal (TASER & STUN) and personal protection instructors. Instruction/classes for law enforcement professionals, security professionals, private citizens...you name it

Our founder Stephen Kirby is a 7th Degree Black Belt (35 years), PA Licensed Investigator, Director, PA State Police Lethal Weapons Academy, NRA Civilian and Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, NRA Counselor (certifier of NRA Instructors all disciplines), IALEFI (international assoc. of law enforcement firearms instructors master instructor, MPOETC (municipal police officers education training commission firearms instructor), Civilian Law Enforcement TASER, OC Pepper, Baton Instructor, PA State Police Lethal Weapons Firearms and Skills Instructor and more! He has taught military, FBI, DEA, Capital, State & Federal Police as well as civilians.


Our staff consists of Active and retired Law Enforcement and Military.


We've been teaching for more than 35 years. Today it is important to know everything when it comes to self-defense including the law. People need to know their rights and then how to apply that knowledge in to a responsible course of action when defending your life or that of others. No longer can we assume anything. Personal defense includes defense at home and out in public. It includes firearms awareness because your attacker may be carrying one. Additionally, it includes less-than-lethal weapons such as TASER and Stun Guns and the applicable laws in your area.


Many people carry weapons today and many adult males are proficient in the art of fighting. Many have trained in martial arts and many carry firearms. That said it is possible to defend yourself if you have a winning mindset. People whao have not trained in martial arts often think that it is somehow easy to overcome a large male even by a petite female for example. We teach you how to get away and how to fight if necessary. If you are serious about your personal protection then you have come to the right place.


Our schools located throughout Pennsylvania, we'll cover the Castile Doctrine and Stand-Your-Ground. We'll cover hand-to-hand and we'll point you to additional instruction in self-defense and even firearms if you wish. All taught by our Certified Instructors.


Our classes are often FREE and private lessons are available as well. Contact us to set a class up for you or your organization! Our courses rarley go less than 5 hours and a certificate of completion and take home materials are given out. Let's get started.

WSDI MAR 20-16 012