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Training for Men & Women


Introductions and Objectives
Objective: Provide information for the development of a practical plan for personal safety and protection training going forward. Course is approximately 4 hours and is an introduction to personal protection. Students walk away with a better understanding of how they will develop their own personal protection training goals. We also cover date rape drugs and more!


Body Alarm Response & Survival Stress Response

Here we look at what happens physiologically when we are attacked or startled with fear.
Changes in visual acuity, depth perception, fine motor skills, heart rate, blood flow and respiration, fight or flight etc.


Use of Force
Here we look at the responsible use-of-force, topics include:

    Principles of Justification
    Castle Doctrine & Stand Your Ground
    Plus one concept
    Hierarchy of Force
    Reasonable Person Standard


Methods and Tools for Self Defense
Here we look at options for self—defense, topics include:

     OC Pepper Spray
     Stun-guns and TASER
     Open-Hand or Martial Arts & Escapes (students participate in physical training)
     Firearms training offered
     Some discussion on Home Security Systems

Practical training with our Defensive Tactics Training Gear


Summary, Conclusion, Handouts,  Final Comments

Next LGH Class:
Sunday, January 19, 2020
1PM - 4PM

Lancaster Family YMCA

265 Harrisburg Avenue
Lancaster, PA 17603

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